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Take the sting out of teeth straightening at the orthodontist in Hampshire

Does your teen need their teeth straightening? Are they concerned about conspicuous braces? Our orthodontist in Hampshire may have just what you need.

Dr Suzette Mulder has worked with the Invisalign braces system for several years and has seen it change patients’ lives. Not only does Invisalign (sometimes misspelt Invisaline) help adult patients who want to keep their braces treatment less conspicuous, it’s also great for self-conscious teens who don’t want to endure school yard taunts.

Invisalign uses pairs of clear, thin, plastic aligners to push the teeth into position. Each pair of aligners are worn for 7-10 days until the feeling of pressure has worn off. It has both adult and teen options for treatment.

Invisalign Teen has small blue dots on the back of the aligner that fade as the treatment takes its course. Once the blue dots have gone, it’s time to change for the next pair of aligners in the series. This helps your youngster to keep on track with their treatment, while managing to keep up with homework, after school activities and a busy social life.

For the treatment to be a success, they will need to remember to take out and clean their aligners, and clean their teeth, each time they eat or drink anything other than plain water. This is because if they don’t, the aligners will stain, taking away their invisibility. But if your kid has the discipline to do this, Invisalign is a great option for realigning their teeth.

Invisalign has just realised another product for teens: the Invisalign Teen Mandibular Advancement. This can be used in conjunction with a regular Invisalign Teen treatment and is used to bring forward the jaw. It doesn’t affect speech, doesn’t cover the palate and doesn’t irritate the soft tissues of the bottom arch, meaning it is comfortable to wear. And in common with the aligners, it is clear, so again provides a discreet option for your self-conscious adolescent.

Drop into the surgery with your teen today and find out from our orthodontist in Hampshire whether Invisalign Teen is the right clear braces choice for your family. They will need to undergo an initial consultation before Dr Mulder can confirm suitability.


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