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Surprising reasons for visiting the orthodontist in Hampshire

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

An orthodontist’s job extends beyond creating beautiful smiles. Orthodontics is also about oral health, prevention and sustainability. Crooked, gapped, overcrowded and rotated teeth are dangerous for your oral health and should be restored to their original position before they cause serious problems (i.e. tooth loss).

At Winchester Orthodontics, we firmly believe that there are many reasons to visit an orthodontist in Hampshire besides a beautiful smile. However, sometimes the end justifies the means and invisible braces can help you to a beautiful smile while also leading to improved oral health.

Think about the longevity of your teeth

Our teeth are not only compromised by accidents or infection – they are also prone to the damage sustained by misaligned teeth. When your back and front teeth don’t fit, making them align is really important for the health and longevity of your tooth enamel. Misaligned teeth can cause rapid and uneven wear and tear, and poorly-aligned back teeth are more vulnerable to adverse wear compared to front teeth. Protecting them with the help of an orthodontist in Hampshire is crucial to your overall health.

Improve your jaw function and release your airway passages

If you suffer from constant migraines and you experience pain in your jaw, chances are that your bite needs to be fixed. Bite issues such as overbites, underbites and crossbites put too much pressure on your jawbone and can cause migraines, jaw deterioration and even tooth loss. At the same time, patients with misaligned teeth are more likely to snore. That’s because their tongue rests in a wrong position because of the alignment of their teeth and this leads to the blockage of their airways. Your orthodontist in Hampshire can help with this condition in many ways.

Stay on top of your oral hygiene at all times

If you want to avoid visiting the dentist for cleanings every few months in fear that your teeth will develop cavities and gum disease because they are not properly aligners, then it’s time to see our orthodontist in Hampshire. Straight teeth will prevent crevices from forming in your mouth and will facilitate your oral hygiene routine considerably.


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