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Straighter teeth, hidden braces

Are you an adult looking for an orthodontist in Hampshire? Do you want to straighten your teeth with the minimum impact on your social and professional life? At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire,we offer a wide range of treatments to cover many different types of orthodontic cases – from mild misalignments to complex bite issues. And most importantly, we offer different kinds of hidden braces.

We understand that our adult patients don’t want to be wearing traditional metal train track braces for up to two years. As a modern orthodontist in Hampshire, we use the latest technology to give our patients the best experience we can. One way we do this is by using different types of discreet braces.

What we offer

Invisalign are clear, removable braces. They are thin moulds made from clear plastic – like a mouth guard. You change them every two weeks until your teeth are in their desired position. You can take them out for eating and cleaning and even though you need to wear them for 22 hours a day, you could even remove them for special occasions. Invisalign (sometimes misspelt Invisaline) are so discreet, no one will know you are wearing them unless you tell them.

Damon clear braces are tieless with high technology arch wires, meaning no unattractive metal wires and brackets on view. They are fixed onto your teeth for the course of the treatment and are resistant to staining and discolouration so stay hidden.

Lingual braces attach to the underside of the teeth and so are also hidden from view. Even though they use metal brackets and wires, they can’t be seen unless you tip your head back.

Get in touch

Our registered specialist orthodontist is Dr Suzette Mulder, who is a member of the British Orthodontic Society and a Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics. In her ten years of practice, Suzette has successfully completed more than 4000 cases.

If you aren’t sure whether you need to see an orthodontist in Hampshire or what treatment you need, drop into the surgery or give us a call to book a free consultation with Suzette. She can tell you everything you need to know about what we offer and how we can help you.


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