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Straightening teeth with an orthodontist in Hampshire

We use a variety of different devices to gently move your teeth into better alignment and to sometimes correct the placement of your jaw. Usually, an incorrect bite is diagnosed early on in life and can be treated during pubescent years after adult teeth have come through.

By straightening teeth or correcting a bite early, an orthodontist in Hampshiremay be able to greatly reduce the length of time a teeth straightening device is needed. This is because young bones are more malleable before an individual reaches adulthood. Although it is not impossible to straighten adult teeth, it is faster and easier during adolescence.

It is important to correct a misaligned bite in order to maintain the health of your teeth. When teeth do not fit on top of each other as they should when you bite down, it can lead to unnecessary wearing down of teeth which could become problematic later on in life.

An incorrect bite may also cause issues with your speech, eating and chewing properly and your appearance, among other things.

Having misaligned teeth can also cause a host of problems aside from potentially causing embarrassment or confidence issues. Food can get stuck and harbour the growth of bad bacteria and plaque where teeth are crossed or too tightly packed together. Flossing can become difficult which can lead to tooth decay.

An orthodontist in Hampshire is able to straighten your teeth in order to give you a picture perfect smile that is healthy as well. By speaking to one of our team members about your concerns, we are able to provide you with a range of options that will suit your lifestyle choices and demands.

What are some of these options?

Clear aligners are fast becoming a popular choice for those looking to cosmetically improve the appearance of their front teeth. They are barely visible when worn and have the added benefit of being removable, allowing you to eat any food without concern and to follow your regular oral hygiene routine.

Because of this, they have a minimal impact on your social life and therefore suit many lifestyles. When being fitted with a set, a treatment plan is arranged for you and new aligners are provided for you to wear on average every 2 weeks.

We also have fixed options available for more complex treatments. An orthodontist in Hampshire has specific training in the correct manipulation of teeth and bones to correct an individual’s smile. For more complex cases, fixed options are generally preferred so that they can give our dentists more control over how your teeth are moving.

What happens after treatment?

Often, it is required that you wear a retainer in order to hold the position of the teeth once they have been straightened. This is because teeth have a tendency to move back to their original position after treatment, until ligaments have relaxed fully into their new position.

They can be in the form of a metal wire secured to the back of your teeth or a removable clear retainer.

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