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Solutions for crooked teeth

Do you wish you had straighter teeth? You may be worrying about how you look or experiencing pain or difficulties with eating or speaking. If this sounds like you and you choose us at Winchester Orthodontics as your orthodontist in Hampshire, we can help. Every year over 200,000 children and teenagers in England and Wales have treatment from an orthodontist and make a long-term investment in their health and wellbeing. Adults can benefit too. Having your teeth straightened used to mean having a mouth full of metal for months on end but there are a range of options available now, including clear braces and hidden braces.

What are the benefits of seeing an orthodontist in Hampshire?

Straighter teeth look better, which enhances your self-esteem and improves your confidence. They are also healthier. Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to clean as there aren’t so many gaps in which plaque can accumulate. Correctly positioned teeth are also more stable as they are properly supported and less likely to move around in the mouth, get damaged or become loose. Patients who use us as their Hampshire orthodontist no longer have to experience discomfort due to poorly positioned teeth or issues around using their mouths normally. We can discuss a full range of braces with you so that you can get the most appropriate treatment.

Fitting in with your lifestyle

People trust us as their Hampshire orthodontist for many issues, from resolving crowded or poorly spaced teeth to aligning upper or lower dental arches and correcting the bite of the teeth. A good bite allows the upper and lower sets to meet and work together properly during eating. Many patients choose clear plastic aligners which are removeable or fixed hidden braces that attach to the backs of the teeth. The latter option is completely hidden so it is impossible to see that you are having treatment unless someone is looking right inside your mouth. These are called lingual braces and avoid damage to the enamel on the front of the teeth, ensuring that their appearance and strength is not compromised.

Our experienced team looks forward to discussing your case and finding out how we can help.


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