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Self-conscious about your smile? An orthodontist can help

In today's modern world with all the technology we use on a daily basis, smartphones and personal computers, we are more visible than ever. That same technology is being harnessed by the dental profession to give you the opportunity to correct any misalignments to your teeth or jaw. As a well-established orthodontist Hampshire we have the facility to conduct a free virtual initial consultation, making it easy for you to benefit from our advice. We have over twenty years of experience and have conducted over five thousand orthodontic procedures. Our resident orthodontist Hampshire is Doctor Suzette Mulder, who is complemented by a highly skilled team. Our team regularly attends postgraduate training to ensure that they are always up to date on the latest equipment and techniques.

What conditions can an orthodontist treat?

Orthodontics is a special area of dentistry which is undertaken after qualifying as a dentist. This area of dentistry deals with diagnosing, preventing and correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. Our orthodontist Hampshire has a variety of dental appliances that can be used to correct any number of oral conditions. If you suffer from gaps between your teeth, crooked teeth or an overcrowded mouth with too many teeth then we can help you. Also conditions such as overbite, underbite or protruding teeth can be corrected. Patients suffering from painful jaw muscles or annoying clicking of the jawbone when eating or talking can find relief by visiting us.

How do orthodontists correct these conditions?

Dental science and technology have combined to produce some very effective appliances and dental techniques are also constantly being improved. Correcting crooked teeth mainly in children has been a practice going back decades. We can all remember children with a mouth full of metal braces which looked uncomfortable. Metal braces are highly effective and are still in use today, but they have been modernised and are more comfortable and efficient. Nowadays there are a number of variations on braces and more recently aligners have been introduced as well. One of the most advanced is a brand called Invisalign sometimes misspelled as Invisaline.

It's not only about the aesthetics!

Our practice is as concerned with the cosmetic side of orthodontic treatment as the practical side. However it is important that the treatment prescribed satisfies the need to be able to chew your food and speak without being hindered by your teeth or jaw.

What you can expect

We insist on a virtual appointment where you don’t even have to come into our surgery and by using your smartphone we are able to assess your condition. From this initial free consultation we can provide you with an indication of what we believe that we can achieve. After the initial appointment you will need to come into our surgery where we will conduct X-rays, a 3D scan and take numerous photographs of your teeth. We can even show you images of what your teeth will look like after treatment before it even begins. The type of method, appliance required and duration of the treatment will depend on your condition.

After treatment

Treatment can take up to a year, but once it is complete you will be able to face the world with a confident and radiant smile.


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