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Secret straightening with the orthodontist in Hampshire

Getting your teeth straightened no longer has to be a show that the whole world gets to view and, for some, feel like they can participate in with invasive stares and questions. When you come to the orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics, we have ways to straighten teeth that allow you to keep your treatment to yourself.

This can be very important if you have a job that requires you to look professional and well-groomed at all times. Also, if you need to have an air of authority about you.

Metal braces are so heavily associated with being an adolescent that wearing them as an adult makes people look twice. That’s ok if you don’t work with the public, but if you do, and especially if you work with children, you will need to find some other way to straighten your teeth. Imagine trying to control a class of 14-year-olds when you look like one yourself. Impossible!

The orthodontist in Hampshire has 2 devices that are so well designed that they really can be described as invisible braces. One works very well on mild to moderate alignment issues and the other is great for more complex or severe malocclusions.

Mild to moderate issues

More than 6 million people worldwide have used Invisalign (often miss-spelled as Invisaline) clear aligners to straighten their teeth. These transparent braces look like mouth guards rather than traditional braces. They work by having pressure points inside them that press on the teeth to get them to move.

They are so thin that once they are in place, people don’t see them.

You wear them for at least 20 hours a day, but you take them out to eat and drink anything that’s not just plain water. This gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to eating and cleaning your braces.

Complex or severe issues

Bracket and wire braces are still best for more severe or complex alignment issues because they pull teeth into position. The orthodontist in Hampshire has these braces that, instead of going on the front of the teeth, are cemented onto the tongue side of them so that they are completely hidden from view.

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