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Say no to a brace face

When braces come up as topic, some of our patients here at Winchester Orthodontics think about metal braces, with rubber bits and metal wires. That is because metal braces are very noticeable and have been the most common choice for teeth straightening for many years.

This is no longer the case with the increasing popularity and affordability of invisible and removeable braces. There are many choices for modern braces that you may not know, but you can ask your orthodontist in Hampshire about them when you decide it’s time to improve your smile with Winchester Orthodontics.

Removeable braces

We use Invisalign removable braces for many of our patients. They are made of transparent plastic and are used to realign and correct the teeth, just as metal braces do. With removable braces, you don’t need to worry about the appearance on your mouth because most people will hardly notice if you’re even wearing one. Aside from the fact that Invisalign is transparent, which makes it hard to spot, removable braces also don’t occupy a large space in your mouth, preventing the traditional brace ‘bulge.’

Benefits of Invisalign

A benefit of invisible braces is that at mealtimes, you can remove them. Food can sometimes get stuck in the wires of fixed metal braces, but that is not an issue.

We know that certain foods can cause problems with fixed braces. Hard foods like crusty rolls may break them and acidic foods may stain the orthodontic brackets. But, if you’re able to remove your braces during mealtimes, you can avoid damaging it.

Your orthodontist in Hampshire will recommend wearing your Invisalign brace for around 22 hours every day, which allows for a two-hour break a day without affecting your teeth straightening procedure.

Removable braces are also not only great for correcting minor dental flaws, but also can be used to ensure that your teeth will stay in place after they have been treated with a fixed brace system.

Because of the improvements in technologies, modern dentistry continues to progress every day. It is now easier than ever to pick the ease and comfort of removable braces to have a straighter and healthier smile from your orthodontist in Hampshire.


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