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Protecting your teeth with your orthodontist in Hampshire

A lot of focus is given to the cosmetic advantages of having straighter, more regimented teeth that meet in the middle when you bite down. It’s true that having a confident smile can lead to advances in your social life and career, but your teeth are also stronger and healthier when they work well together.

Here at the Winchester Orthodontic Practice, we can help secure the future of your natural teeth, helping you to hang onto them for as long as you can. It’s vitally important to preserve your natural teeth to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and, above all, enjoy the food that you love to eat.

Protection for the whole family

Your orthodontist in Hampshire aims to keep your whole family’s teeth happy and healthy. Many people may associate traditional braces with children’s teeth and it is true that many kids need treatment when their adult teeth come in.

Looking after children’s teeth is especially important to give them a good start and ensure that they last. Teeth can tend to grow naturally crooked due to genetic factors and the way they erupt from the gums, but they can be corrected before any more serious problems arise.

More and more adults in the UK are choosing orthodontic treatments for both cosmetic and health reasons. Many find that even if they have had orthodontic treatment in earlier life, their teeth may have moved back to their crooked position. This is completely normal and quite common. Your orthodontist in Hampshire offers a range of solutions that can correct this without the commitment of traditional fixed braces.

Modern treatments for modern lifestyles

If you visit your orthodontist in Hampshire in search of more minor adjustments they may recommend treatments like Invisalign. Invisalign uses modern materials to straighten your teeth inconspicuously.

The treatment involves wearing a series of clear plastic trays specifically moulded to your teeth. Each tray is slightly different in shape and needs to be changed every two weeks. The treatment benefits from being removable, making treatment much less of a hassle.

Treatments can also be almost completely invisible, so no one would know you’re having treatment unless you tell them.


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