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Part of the community

When you buy a product or service, you aren’t just buying what is delivered on the day. There has been a whole process of creation that has gone into producing that item.

There are many considerations – where were the materials sourced from? How did that affect the environment? How were the materials processed? Did that create any toxic bi-product? What is the product packaged in? Is it biodegradable? How was it distributed? How were the staff treated at each stage?

At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire, we know that many people today are concerned about the wider effect of the products and services they buy. This matters to us too. We know that what we do has an effect on our local and global community and we try to minimise any harmful impact as much as we can, so you can be assured that visiting the orthodontist in Hampshire will not only give you a brighter smile but a lighter heart too.

Environmental impact

When making our purchasing decisions, for the many products other than invisible braces, we don’t just buy from anyone. We look into the ethics, standards and principals of the company, how they treat their staff and their environmental and sustainability practices.

Wherever possible we buy from local suppliers in the Winchester area. Our orthodontist in Hampshire, Dr Suzette Mulder, is always on the look-out for new companies who hold the same values.

Charitable work

Our chosen company charity is Naomi House, a children’s hospice in Winchester. We donate every year to this incredible organisation that provides care for children with terminal illness, and respite for their families.

We also donate equipment to Dentaid, a charity that provides equipment to dentists in the developing world. When we left our previous location in 2012 and moved into this fully-furnished practice, we were able to gift all our surplus equipment to Dentaid. Now each time we upgrade our stock, we will offer what we no longer need to help dentists overseas serve their communities.

Find out more

Come in and talk to us about our business ethics. Then you know that when you visit the orthodontist in Hampshire here, you are doing your bit to help build a sustainable world.


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