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Overview of traditional metal braces by our orthodontist

Traditional metal braces function to align the teeth in a gentle manner. This is done using the method of wires and metal brackets, which can be firmly attached to the teeth. These metal wires will be inserted using a form of adhesive that will hold pressure onto the teeth, and the pressure from the metal brackets will move the teeth into the desired position.

Not everyone is born with straight teeth; however, such misalignments can be fixed using traditional metal braces, and at our orthodontist Hampshire, we can offer this popular treatment. Around the age of 12 to 16, many people opt for orthodontic treatments; this is because once an individual has reached their teen years, all their teeth will be in adult form and permanent teeth will be evident. Any gaps or bites can be identified much easier at this stage. If you are looking into receiving any orthodontic treatment, please contact our team at the orthodontist Hampshire.

What can traditional metal braces correct?

Our traditional metal braces treatment has many beneficial impacts. It can not only treat misaligned teeth but also correct other dental issues at the orthodontist Hampshire. It can treat: overbites, misplaced midline, underbites, spacing, crowding, open jet and open bites.

Who is suitable for traditional metal braces?

Metal braces are still one of the most common orthodontic treatments in the world, and they are highly effective in reorganising the teeth structure. Traditional metal braces and the elastics used with them can be coloured according to the patient's preference. Some people enjoy the look of braces, whereas others may opt for Invisalign.

Traditional metal braces are most effective when used at the ages 10 to 14 because the teeth would still be growing and developing. Getting braces at an earlier age would allow alignment issues to be corrected much more effectively; however, this does not limit adults from using traditional metal braces. This is still an effective treatment for those who are much older. At Winchester Orthodontics, we offer this treatment to all people.

The good side of traditional metal braces

One of the most beneficial effects of braces is that they can work quickly. Those who do receive braces usually have them for around 1 to 3 years. Although this may sound lengthy, it still provides life-long results. Therefore, traditional metal braces would be considered a good investment.

Another advantage of using metal braces is that it promotes better oral health. This is because braces require constant care; therefore, individuals will have to get into a healthy routine. Once patients have their misaligned teeth corrected, brushing their teeth will become much easier for them if they previously suffered from serious alignment problems.

Moreover, by receiving treatment with metal braces, a patient will be less likely to have to undergo much more serious procedures. If an orthodontic issue is left unresolved, this can lead to the problem worsening over time.

Lastly, aligned teeth can hugely impact an individual's confidence in a positive way. With straighter teeth, individuals can feel more confident to smile and speak in public.


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