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Orthodontists in Hampshire

Orthodontics is all about teeth straightening – the prevention and correction of misaligned teeth. When you come in and chat with our orthodontists in Hampshire, their sole purpose will be to send you away smiling that extra special smile. In relaxed and comfortable surroundings, our orthodontists in Hampshire will be able to give you advice on which treatments will best suit your dentistry needs.

The treatments we have to offer here at Winchester Orthodontics cover a full range of areas such as crowding, overbites, underbites, overjets, gaps, etc. to name but a few.

After an initial consultation, our orthodontists in Hampshire will be able to discuss with you which treatment would be most suitable. We can use 3D scans and 3D imagery to show you an accurate pictures of how your teeth will align as the treatment advances. Having this picture in mind is great way to keep you motivated through your treatment.

Invisalign (or Invisaline, as commonly misspelt), are clear aligners that, with subtle force over a sustained period of time, guide your teeth into the desired position. These are made from clear, hard plastic and snap on over your teeth. The smooth plastic of the aligners means no risk of scratches or allergies, and being clear makes them as discreet as you would like them to be.

Discretion is at the forefront of nearly all orthodontic treatments. Take lingual braces for example. Discretion may be the forefront, but these braces are affixed securely behind the teeth, which renders them completely non-visible. Each lingual bracket is custom-made, as the back of our teeth are all completely different to each other. You will have your own, unique lingual braces, which will only ever fit your teeth.

And our orthodontists in Hampshire know that looking good is very important during those teenage years, but obviously without anyone knowing you want to look good! Well, teenagers do not have to worry about that anymore. Invisalign now has an Invisalign Teen. This is a new treatment option for younger patients, which takes into account the growing factor, along with the still wanting to look cool factor.


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