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Orthodontist in Hampshire

Do you long for straight teeth? That picture perfect smile? Not just straight teeth but perhaps a shade whiter as well? At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire, our main business is straightening teeth, and we can whiten them for you too. So, look no further than us as an orthodontist in Hampshire who can meet your alignment needs. We use contemporary equipment and up-to-date procedures, and provide a comfortable, relaxed environment. We ensure that every level of service is second to none and we strive to offer our patients a safe and personalised experience. If you want a friendly orthodontist in Hampshire, you have come to the right site.

What treatments we have to offer

Invisalign are a set of clear, plastic removable aligners with carefully placed pressure points that nudge the teeth into position. An aligner is worn for 7-10 days and then changed to the next aligner. This sustains a consistent pressure on the teeth in order to bring them into alignment. Invisalign aligners are nearly impossible to see once they are in place.

Invisalign Teen is an Invisalign treatment, as the name suggests, for teens. It has unique blue dots that fade to indicate when they have been worn for long enough, as well as other features specifically designed for growing teeth and bones.

Damon Clear and Damon Metal. The brackets on these braces are smaller than traditional braces and can come in clear ceramic for those who want a more discreet treatment, or metal for those who don’t really mind.

Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces except for one major difference which is they are fixed behind the teeth, where they are hidden from view.

For bites that are not fully aligned, you may need the use of a fixed function appliance. At Winchester Orthodontics, we use an appliance called the BioBiteCorrector.

Traditional braces may not seem as trendy, but they work just as well and for the teenagers who want to jazz them up a bit, brightly coloured elastics are available.

And if you’re going to have perfectly straight teeth then why not go the whole Hollywood style and get your newly straightened back to their original pearly white with our teeth whitening treatment?

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