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Orthodontics you can have that perfect smile!

Life moves at an almost atmospheric rate these days with all the new inventions and advancements in technology. We have become amateur photographers of everything including ourselves sharing our image with others all over the world. Unfortunately some of us were not born with a photogenic smile, but modern dentistry has also moved with the times and you can have that photogenic smile after all. Orthodontist Hampshire has the equipment, the experience and the knowledge to help you.

What conditions can the orthodontist treat

Any bite problems such as overbites, underbites and a crowded mouth, jaw misalignment, clicking or pain in the jaw. If you were born with crooked teeth or with gaps between them, fear not because Winchester Orthodontics can help with all of these conditions.

How can I get that confident smile?

Orthodontist Hampshire will examine your entire mouth and using modern technology such as 3D scanning and X-Rays we can identify what and where your problems are and armed with this knowledge we can design a treatment plan for you. All of us are different and we therefore require treatment that is exclusive to our needs and with this in mind we will discuss with you what the process will entail. Using a variety of techniques and appliances we will very slowly ease your teeth in the direction necessary to achieve the desired results.

What appliances will be used

To rectify and straighten teeth there are two categories of appliance either fixed or removable. The fixed type includes the traditional metal braces and the removable come in a variety of styles. Invisalign have designed a series of dental trays that cover the teeth and are worn for a week before being replaced by another tray with a slight adjustment. These trays gradually move your teeth in the direction necessary to straighten and or close any gaps. Your particular circumstances and condition will dictate which appliance will be best. In some cases more than one appliance may be used at different stages of the treatment. Those that are fixed need to be worn for the duration of the treatment however the removeable variation can be worn for a minimum of twenty hours a day. Being able to remove the aligners allows for more comfortable eating and drinking and cleaning of the teeth. If you have suffered from jawbone pain or an annoying clicking when you chew emanating from your jaw it may be necessary to use a Bionater or Herbst appliance. When it comes to jaw realignment it may be necessary to use a mouth guard designed to relieve pressure on the jaw.

After treatment

Orthodontist Hampshire will advise you that when your treatment has been completed there will be a retention period when the teeth will need to be held in their new position by retainers to allow the gum and bone to stabilise. After a few more visits and once your mouth has settled down we will remove the retainers and you can return to normal oral hygiene with a smile on your face, ready to beam across the world.


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