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Orthodontics in Hampshire – why people love our service

Most of our treatments involve improving the appearance of our patients. Whether it is aligning crooked teeth or correcting the bite of your teeth, we have a solution. We can also whiten your teeth if they are discoloured. We have a wide range of services and a dedicated team that can solve your orthodontic dental problems, whether for adults or children.

Our other range of services

Our orthodontics in Hampshire treatments are suited for people of any age, although children’s treatments are only started when the adult teeth come through, which is usually around the time they reach 12 years old. Our services include removal of dental crowns, closing spaces between teeth and fitting crowns, bridges or dental implants. Other services we offer include aligning the upper and lower dental arches and enhancing facial aesthetics. In some special cases, patients may have to wear head-gear and a brace at the same time, although using our specialist treatments, this can be avoided. For older patients, we can reverse the drifting of the teeth when the patient has suffered from advanced gum disease. It should be noted that in line with most orthodontic practices, treatments do not normally begin unless the patient has a good standard of oral hygiene as starting treatment in such cases can increase the likelihood of gum problems or tooth decay.

Our specialist treatments

We have a range of specialist treatments that solve virtually all teeth correction problems. Besides offering teeth whitening and traditional metal braces, we also offer Damon metal braces that are smaller than traditional metal braces and are attached to memory wire and have slide brackets, besides being very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. We offer another brace called Damon Clear, which is different to traditional braces and aligners in that it combines tieless braces with high-tech arch-wires which gives the patient fast and comfortable results. We have two further types of braces that we can offer our patients - lingual and cosmetic braces. Lingual braces are different in that they are non-visible and attached to the backside of the teeth, which makes them completely non-visible.

Cosmetic braces are designed using the latest computer imaging technology so we can determine the best solution for our patients and show them the potential results prior to the treatment. Another treatment we can offer is the use of an alliance called BioBiteCorrector which avoids the use of headgear. Other benefits of this appliance are that it can be used to avoid removing permanent teeth and surgical procedures.

We also offer an almost invisible brace called Invisalign for adults and one for teenagers called Invisalign Teen – both are used to align your teeth. The two braces have no metal or sharp edges and are normally worn for at least 20 hours a day. The idea of this treatment is that each brace is worn for one week and after that a new version is worn for another week, and so on until the look of your teeth meets your alignment expectations. Invisalign has been used by three million patients and orthodontics in Hampshire is a leading provider in Hampshire.

Our Team

Suzette Mulder is a Specialist Orthodontist with a string of qualifications - BChd, Dip Odont, MSc, MDent-ortho, MOrth (RCSEd) and over the past ten years has completed over 5,000 successful orthodontic cases. Stacy is a dental nurse and has 17 years working in general dental practice before specialising in orthodontics. Sam is a dental nurse and the practice manager. She has worked for us for 18 years and helps patients through the free consultation process. Payments for treatment can be paid in full or in installments with a 0% interest finance option available.


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