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Orthodontics and Children - Bracing the Subject

The thought of braces can be tricky for little ones; well actually, when they get to a brace-suitable age, they aren’t so little anymore. But still, those teen years aren’t always the easiest times, hormones and exams! Everything is new, and everything is changing! The thought of putting anything on themselves that is going to bring attention to them can be tricky. Braces have a long history of negative connotations for teens, and finding ways to tackle them with your kids can be a real task. But the world is changing, and it has been said that kids are becoming kinder and more accepting of others; however, does this reach the world of orthodontics Hampshire

When Do Children Start Looking At The Orthodontist Hampshire?

Children usually have braces when they have lost all their baby teeth and their big teeth have all come through. Some children, even as young as eight, will start out on removable braces in primary school and then progress through different stages into their teens. When a child has braces will very much depend on them and their development, but as a general rule, we want to get the process underway as quickly as possible.

How Can I Make It Positive?

Every child is different, and some children will quickly warm to the idea of braces, whilst others will be less keen. It is tricky to find the right balance between allowing them to be free to make their own choices and giving them a good start.

Understandably, lots of children can be worried about the comments of their peers if they were to have braces, particularly if they were having fixed wires or bigger braces. Supporting them on this journey is all about making sure they understand why it is important for their teeth, not just aesthetically but also for dental functionality, which will improve once their teeth are correctly aligned.

How Do I Make Sure They Are Taking Care Of Them?

Once your child has had their braces fitted or received their first set of aligners from the orthodontist Hampshire, you must support them through a strict cleaning routine. We all know teenagers, in particular, can be a little lacking in the hygiene area in general, and when it comes to braces, they can seriously lack the commitment needed to make sure their teeth stay clean and healthy.

They should brush their teeth twice a day, using a brace brush between any fixed braces. Interdental brushes are a change for those with braces but need to be used with lots of care and attention so as not to cause damage to the braces. Teens can often become reliant on mouthwashes, but this is a mistake! Mouthwash is a rinse, not a clean and should be used as an extra, not as a stand-alone form of cleaning.

If you want to know more about the stages of orthodontics for your child, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with our orthodontist Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics!


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