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No need to wrestle with the idea of having braces

At Winchester Orthodontics, we can help you to get past any doubts about having your teeth straightened once and for all. If you are wrestling with the pros and cons of reaching out for treatment, our orthodontist in Hampshire is happy to discuss any treatment frankly and without using any jargon or trying to hide anything.

The truth about braces from the orthodontist in Hampshire

Being fully informed about your future treatment will help put things in perspective for you. Most of the time, the reality is better than people think, once they know the facts.

At Winchester Orthodontics, we get to know the way that people think about treatments like this. We can reassure you without having you feel like we are trying to paper over any genuine issues with positivity to persuade you to get a certain treatment with the orthodontist in Hampshire.

Some things that you won’t often hear from a dentist

While we work with several brands that are termed ‘invisible braces’, we all know that equipment cannot truly be invisible, so what’s going on here? The truth is that equipment is either designed to blend in with the teeth, transparent or hidden on the backs of the teeth. These are the three ways that braces can be invisible.

Teeth straightening always takes some time. There is no magical way to get teeth to move faster than they are naturally inclined to do so. It is true that dentists are more skilled at efficient treatments that get the job done in a shorter amount of time. Also, the general focus of some treatments has changed to mostly cosmetic goals, which also shortens treatment times. You are now looking at months for a treatment rather than years.

It’s important for you to know that there is always a degree of discomfort associated with anything but the most minor treatments. However, you also need to know that it fades quickly and can be addressed with simple painkillers from your chemist if you need them. You can also try some other techniques, such as dental wax, that we can discuss with you at your follow-up appointments.


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