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Meet your orthodontist in Hampshire

If you want to straighten your teeth, realign your jaw or adjust your bite, then you need to see an orthodontist. In Hampshire, here at Winchester Orthodontic Practice, we offer a range of braces and dental appliances to help straighten up crooked, twisted, gapped and misaligned teeth. The options we offer include: Invisalign transparent aligners, hidden braces and clear braces.

As with any medical treatment, it’s going to work best if you trust the clinician carrying it out. So, we’d like to introduce you to our orthodontist in Hampshire, Suzette Mulder, so you know exactly who will be rearranging your smile.

Suzette has been in practice as a dentist for more than a decade. She qualified in 1997 at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, her home country. She knew immediately that she wanted to focus on teeth straightening and carried on her dental studies at the same institution. She gained a Masters in Orthodontics with distinction. She was recognised as the most eminent postgraduate student, which shows that she had definitely chosen the right path for her.

Suzette obtained another MSc in Orthodontics from the Medical University of South Africa in 2006, further cementing her skills and knowledge in this field. Then she decided to make a huge shift and left the wild plains of South Africa for the gentle rolling hills of the UK. She studied at the Royal College of Edinburgh and gained her MOrth from there in 2008.

While she is a highly qualified orthodontist in Hampshire, and has studied her field in great depth, Suzette hasn’t had her head stuck in a book these past 10 years. She has successfully completed more than 4,300 cases during that time, so also has a wealth of clinical experience.

As well as her extensive skills and knowledge, Suzette brings a friendly, open approach to her practice, and puts the welfare and comfort of her patients above all else. She is passionate about creating healthy, happy smiles, and loves to witness the transformation her patients go through as their teeth slot into alignment.

Friendly, highly qualified, skilled and experienced – what more could you want from your orthodontist in Hampshire?


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