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Meet the fantastic team at one orthodontist in Hampshire

At our dental practice within Hampshire we believe the quality of our dental care relies heavily on our dental team. Suzette could be argued as a very prominent member of our dental team, she is our specialist orthodontist who holds great pride in the dental care she delivers. Suzette has provided over five thousand happy smiles over the last ten years, combined with her caring dental approach, we believe she is a fantastic asset to our dental team.

Get to know our specialist orthodontist in Hampshire

Suzette brings an exceptionally high level of clinical expertise to our practice, she graduated from the university of Pretoria in 1997 and was awarded ‘the most eminent MSc’ from the university. In addition to her further dental education, she also received a master’s degree, and is now an accredited member of the British Orthodontic Society, as well as being a fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics.

Our friendly dental staff

In addition to Suzette, our specialist orthodontist, we also boast several fantastic dental staff. Sam is our practice manager and a qualified dental nurse, she has been working at our dental clinic since 2002, and has continued to extend her dental knowledge ever since. In addition to passing her radiography qualification within 2004, Sam is also our patient coordinator, meaning she helps our new patients throughout their initial consultation process.

Meet the rest of our dental team

In addition to Sam, we are lucky enough to have Stacy as a member of our team, Stacy is a fully qualified dental nurse, qualifying in 2003, she then joined our practice in 2007. Since joining our dental practice she has continued to offer a fantastic level of dental care to all of our dental patients, whilst adopting a friendly approach.

How to start your treatment journey, with our orthodontist in Hampshire

If you are considering receiving orthodontics to improve the alignment of your teeth or jaw then you may be wondering how to start your treatment journey. Located on our modern dental website we offer our patients the chance to call our dental practice directly, however we also provide an online booking system.

Book your initial consultation

If you are interested in receiving dental services at our clinic then we offer ‘no obligation’ appointments, this means our potential patients never have to proceed with their chosen dental treatment unless they really wish to. Located on our website, our patients simply have to enter a few personal details, in addition to a photo of their pre-treatment smile!

What to expect during your initial consultation

During your initial consultation you will meet our specialist orthodontist, as well as our patient coordinator. Once you have become acquainted with our fantastic dental team, we will thoroughly examine your dental presentation, determining which orthodontic treatment is best for you, and your individual dental needs. Once we have assessed your pre-treatment smile we may then schedule your next appointment, in addition to showing you what your braces may look like and what results you should expect from any treatment.

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