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Lingual brace options from our orthodontist Hampshire

Have you been told you require a brace? Are you concerned about how traditional braces might look on you? Did you know there are lots of options for braces that no one would ever notice that our orthodontist Hampshire can provide?

Of all of our subtle brace options (that may seem obvious yet innovative at the same time), the lingual brace is one of the top. It is structurally very similar to a traditional metal braces apart from the brackets are adhered to the inside surface of the teeth and the archwire runs behind as opposed to in front of the teeth.

Why choose lingual braces?

This means that no part of lingual braces extends onto the anterior surface (front side) of the tooth making it very unlikely that anyone would notice in your everyday life. We use these braces for patients whose dental misalignment is slightly too complicated to be resolved using clear aligners, but would still like to avoid any obvious headgear or visible brace.

Lingual braces are just as robust and rigid as a standard one, and are well suited to an active lifestyle. There is no issue with carrying out sports and in the event that there is a trauma to the front of the face, the brackets are unlikely to damage the cheeks as they face inward. But still, we recommend taking care!

As the large or bulky bracket on the inside of the tooth would be instructive to pronunciation and possibly even eating, we individually design each of them (and have them fabricated to fit each tooth) allowing their profile to be as small as possible. This does increase their manufacturing time but it's well worth the wait to result in a brace that will be very comfortable for the entire length of the treatment, anything from 4 months to a year.

The arch wire on our lingual braces are almost completely flush to your teeth, making it far less likely to get food or debris caught in it, allowing a wider range of dietary options than you would have with the traditional braces. In spite of a thinner and lighter archwire, they are just as effective in the vast majority of cases that our orthodontist Hampshire sees.

Are they right for everyone?

The fitting of a lingual brace can be significantly more complicated, simply due to their arrangement in the mouth and they are not suitable for everyone. We would generally recommend lingual braces for working adults and extremely responsible adolescent patients.

They can be an excellent option for adult patients who have missed orthodontic treatment early in life and wish to catch up without impacting on their professional or personal lives. Unlike clear aligners, dental braces are capable of making alterations in the position of molars and are overall more rigid, increasing their usefulness in a wider range of applications.

To truly know whether a lingual brace would be appropriate for your particular misalignment and meet your health or aesthetic goals you would require an assessment with our orthodontist Hampshire. But if you have any further questions please feel free to get in contact and we would be happy to provide as much information as we can over the phone.


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