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Learn more about Winchester Orthodontics - and an orthodontist in Hampshire

Dr Suzette Mulder has a true passion for dentistry, taking a real pride in her work as a leading orthodontist Hampshire. This passion for her work led to the creation of Winchester Orthodontics right in the heart of the picturesque county of Hampshire.

Winchester Orthodontics, an orthodontist Hampshire, was set up to offer the latest orthodontic services, while taking time to offer patients the best care experience possible. This private practice believes that there should always be the highest standards in place when seeking to offer any kind of treatment to a patient.

Here we have the vision of orthodontic treatment as envisioned by Dr Mulder. All the staff have been hand-picked by her to join her team, allowing Dr Mulder to find the staff she believes are the best of the best. The staff are made up of orthodontic nurses, a patient coordinator and a practice manager and receptionist, all of whom are qualified and highly experienced to carry out the work within their roles.

If you have any questions about any treatment the staff are more than happy for you to ask them, they will endeavour to respond with the most accurate answers possible. Winchester Orthodontics, an orthodontist Hampshire, sees it as vital for you to have all the information you require to feel comfortable before receiving treatment, for this reason there is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to your treatment.

Upon entering the building, you will feel that you are in a welcoming and comfortable environment, with staff that we are sure you will find friendly and approachable. The waiting room has a unique television signage system that displays local information about local events and theatre production, alongside details about the practice and all its past achievements.

What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is someone who specialises in the use of devices such as braces. A main area of orthodontic work is the alignment of teeth, braces are the better-known devices used to achieve this alignment.

But will braces be noticeable to others if I wear them?

This is a common theme; in the past, this has led to potential patients refusing to engage with the wearing of braces. There was a common belief that if someone was wearing braces, they would then become a target for bullying and ridicule, but this happily is now something that can be confined to the past, with the wide range of choice in the field of orthodontics.

With the use of the modern clear brace, of which there are various kinds available on the UK market, you can now wear your braces while being comfortable in the knowledge no one will be able to see them. This in turn allows you to feel less self-conscious and more comfortable about wearing braces, as well as allowing you to carry on smiling through your treatment.

Now is the time to act and improve your smile

If you feel that now is the right time to find a way to improve your smile, you should feel free to contact Winchester Orthodontics to find out about what options are available. The staff will always offer you the correct advice that will allow you to find your smile for life.

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