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Keep your smile secrets safe

Do you really want everyone to know what you are up to with regard to your treatment? Probably not. Yet with metal braces, it’s impossible not to let everyone see that you are having your teeth straightened. You have to communicate after all, and, as most of us use speech rather than interpretive dance to make ourselves understood, you will have to show people your teeth.

But, when you come to see Dr Suzette Mulder, the orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics, you can team up to make sure that your treatment remains your secret.

There’s a great range of invisible braces, as well as hidden braces and clear braces, here at Winchester Orthodontics. When you come for a free consultation with the orthodontist in Hampshire, she can help you pick the braces that will best correct your alignment issues.

Complex realignments

Not every device can solve every issue. The more complex or severe your malocclusions, the more likely you are to need bracket and wire braces. They can exert more force and be more precise in the way they move teeth.

But don’t worry. You can still keep your treatment a secret by opting for hidden braces from Incognito. These are gold alloy bracket and wire braces that are fixed to the tongue-side of the teeth where they are completely hidden from view.

Mild to moderate realignments

You can choose between discreet clear bracket and wire braces, or clear aligners. The former are smaller and blend in with the teeth, but are not completely unnoticeable.

The latter are invisible once they are in place. Instead of brackets and wires, you get clear aligners from Invisalign (often misspelled as Invisaline). These aligners are manufactured to fit exactly to your teeth and along your gumline so they really can’t be seen.

Clear aligners are also removable, making eating and toothbrushing a whole lot easier to manage.


When you move your teeth, you have to build new bone and the ligaments holding the teeth in place get stretched. You will need to wear a retainer afterwards for a while, while bone and ligaments settle back down again.

Book a free consultation with the orthodontist in Hampshire now.


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