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Is your orthodontist in Hampshire doing the most for your smile?

Put your best foot forward

Here at Winchester Orthodontics, the primary goal of our dental practice is to make each of our individual patients as happy and healthy as they possibly can be. We live to see the smile on the face of a patient who has transformed the way their smile looks through our orthodontist in Hampshire, and make sure that we are constantly updating and developing techniques that make the most out of cutting-edge and emerging technological advancements. Our smiles are one of our most valued and treasured commodities, and we believe it is our duty to make every smile shine, so that our patient's can reach the heights they ought to. Anyone who is looking for an orthodontist in Hampshire who will go above and beyond to meet the dental needs of every patient - can rest assured they will receive the care they deserve through us here at Winchester Orthodontics.

Discrete orthodontics

Whilst conventional fused braces are an effective form of treatment for correcting misaligned or crooked teeth, many people - particularly young adults or teenagers - are put off from seeking out treatment because of the impact that they have on the way patient's look. At Winchester Orthodontics, we are an orthodontist in Hampshire who understands the mounting pressures and the value and impontaces which are placed nowadays on looking your best. As such, we now offer our patient's a range of discrete cosmetic orthodontic solutions, which can let them achieve a straighter set of healthy looking teeth, without them having to sacrifice their outward appearance in the meantime. Cosmetic orthodontic solutions, such as the Invisalign retainer method, have completely reestablished what was previously thought possible, and has allowed countless young adults and teenagers achieve straighter healthier teeth.

What is Invisalign?

Rather than correct a misalignment within a patient's teeth through bonding brackets to the front of each individual tooth, as with traditional braces, the Invisalign retainer method is made up entirely of one retainer. This retainer is placed over the patient's existing teeth, and utilises specifically targeted presusrepoints which are built within its structure to gently and gradually shift the retired teeth into position. One of the main appeals to this method of orthodontics over traditional methods, is that - because of the wafer-thin transparent plastic material which is used to make each retainer - the Invisalign retainer is almost completely undetectable when worn. Another massive advantage, which separates it from most other forms of orthodontics, is the removable aspect of the retainer. As nothing is bonded to the patients teeth, they have the freedom to choose when they carry out their treatment, such as only wearing the retainer when asleep or at home. This is a freedom which very few orthodontic procedures provide, and one which has helped the Invisalign system gain the reputation across the globe that it enjoys today. At Winchester Orthodontics, our team of dental practitioners and staff are readily available for consultations with anyone who feels they may benefit from Invisalign treatment, and we urge anybody who feel the straightness of their teeth is affecting aspects of their daily lives to check out the website to begin getting things back on track.


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