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Is Winchester Orthodontics a dental artist?

The short answer is yes, because art is defined as creating something that is regarded as beautiful by using skill, technique and imagination. At Winchester Orthodontics, orthodontist Hampshire, we are in the business of creating beautiful human smiles that are functional and practical. The profession of orthodontics, however, is much more than bringing wonderful smiles to our faces. There is a lot of science, technology and years of training behind the scenes.

Technology: the driving force

We have accepted technology as a fundamental part of our lives and with every new gadget comes new expectations and desires. Within a year, people individually take over four hundred selfies. Even more reason why we want to help you produce that million-dollar smile, showing straight, clean and gapless teeth is in greater demand. Dental science has not been stagnant either as it too has made remarkable discoveries in treating a variety of dental conditions. These days, the dental industry has provided us with access to x-rays, 3D dental imaging, intraoral scanners and robotic wire-bending technology to name but a few. No longer is there any need for the gut feel; everything done today is calculated and produced within fine tolerances.

Using modern science to correct dental irregularities

Our practice at Orthodontist Hampshire has a variety of dental braces and aligners that can be used, but there are essentially only two categories: fixed and removable. The types of braces that we now use have increased; patients can have metal, ceramic or lingual braces. The latest additions are clear aligners which can be transparent or tooth-coloured depending on your particular preference. The most recent is a clear aligner product called Invisalign but it is sometimes misspelt as ‘Invisaline’. All are suitable for specific treatments and applications and in certain cases, we will sometimes use them in tandem. All of these appliances are used to achieve the same result which is to correctly align teeth.

Orthodontic treatments aid more than just the teeth

Having crooked teeth means that it can be tough to chew and poorly chewed food could lead to digestion problems and even to choking. It can be difficult to clean between crooked or misaligned teeth resulting in a buildup of bacteria which, if it gets into your bloodstream, can lead to heart-valve complications. Bacteria also causes an unpleasant odour on your breath which can be rather embarrassing. It is also not uncommon for patients with misaligned teeth and jaws to complain of pain radiating from their face affecting their neck and shoulders. This is usually caused by the pressure that crooked teeth exert on the jaw. Headaches are another problem that can also manifest themselves because of such pressure on your jaw.

Get a smile you can share

Orthodontist Hampshire can help you get a stunning smile by using a variety of dental aids that can be very discreet and even match the colour of your teeth, while they perform their amazing dental work of straightening your teeth. Taking that selfie with a celebrity who always seems to have gorgeous teeth will no longer mean keeping your mouth closed; you can now smile as broadly as they do.


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