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Is it time to find an orthodontist in Hampshire?

If your teenager is facing the teenage growing pains of uneven teeth and are ready for their picture perfect smile, then it is time for you to try to find an orthodontist in Hampshire that you and your family can trust.

The reality is many of us have uneven, crooked, cluttered, or gapped adult teeth grow in. Rarely are people born with straight even teeth, but luckily here at Winchester Orthodontics we can offer several different treatment options to keep you smiling onward.

What are your treatment options?

Traditional braces will always be the most recommended way to straighten teeth by your orthodontist in Hampshire. The process involves metal brackets glued onto the teeth and moved slowly but surely through the wire connecting them.

This process can be long, slightly painful and uncomfortable. They also give off the stereotypical braceface image many teenagers try to avoid. School can be difficult enough without that.

That is why many people opt for lingual braces, which are the same thing as traditional braces, but they are connected to the inside of the teeth, making them almost completely unnoticeable to others.

But many people are seeking a quick, painless, and effective way to efficiently straighten their teeth without the metal brackets. This is where we believe Invisalign comes in. They make teeth as straight as a line, dare we even call them “Invisaline.”

They are clear customised aligners that are created for your teeth, and they are switched out for the next set every 7 to 10 days. They are worn all day long, minus eating and cleaning your teeth. This process is almost painless, easy to maintain oral health, and can be quicker. We highly recommend it to any of our patients seeking an almost invisible aligning process.

How to find the best treatment for you?

Finding the right process for you or your teenager requires you to set up a consultation with your orthodontist in Hampshire as soon as possible. Once at the consultation it will be important to communicate effectively about the budget, the time frame, and their smile goals. Your orthodontist in Hampshire will be able to recommend you the best treatment plan for you and your teenager.


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