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Invisible orthodontics with our orthodontist Hampshire

A straight and symmetrical smile is not only beautiful and attractive, but it helps improve all aspects of your life. By boosting your self-confidence and allowing you to own an aesthetically pleasing smile, good dental health contributes to wellbeing and an enjoyable lifestyle. Research has shown that those suffering from tooth decay or gum disease, who have crooked or uneven teeth or who endure tooth loss, are likely to find these things impact other areas of day-to-day life. It is very important that you visit our orthodontist Hampshire to ensure that your teeth are in the best condition they can be and also to allow us to improve the health and appearance of your teeth further.

Developments in orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments have progressed significantly over the last few decades and invisible orthodontics have been trending for a while. The result has been to promote this field of dentistry and encourage more and more people than ever before to address their dental needs. If you have a crooked or uneven smile then rest assured there are many different treatment options that are available for you now. You can straighten your smile without anyone noticing that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. It used to be that the only braces that were traditionally used for teeth straightening consisted of metal brackets and metal wires, which were interconnected and tightened at regular intervals to help create a beautiful, neatly aligned smile. Traditional braces were and still are, very efficient, although not always convenient and highly visible in the mouth. However, for patients reluctant to wear obvious teeth straightening devices, who have less complex problems, there are other avenues to explore.

Invisible orthodontic treatment

Thanks to invisible orthodontics, you no longer have to worry about drawing unwanted attention to your teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

To begin with you need to let our orthodontist Hampshire assess your teeth and find out what they can do to help improve your smile. You will need to undergo an examination of your teeth and gums, to make sure that they are clean, strong and healthy. Your gums need to be healthy, free of disease, so that it is safe to move your teeth. Your orthodontist will then assess the factors that are affecting the alignment of your teeth and decide which types of braces are most suitable for you.

Invisible orthodontic treatment can be carried out using fixed braces or clear aligners. Both can be tailored to appear almost invisible in the mouth, with clear components or tooth coloured components to avoid unwanted attention. Invisalign is a popular method of teeth straightening and uses clear aligners which are removable, discreet and highly convenient. This system is a modern method of teeth straightening, popular amongst all ages of patients with a range of orthodontic issues. Invisalign is a quick method of addressing dental conditions and you can improve the appearance of your teeth within 6 to 12 months and enjoy a happy and healthy smile for life. If you would like to learn about Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment options then speak to our orthodontist Hampshire today to find out more.


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