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Invisalign or Damon metal braces: which straightening aid will work best for me?

Being told by an orthodontist in Hampshire that they need braces can feel daunting for some people, mostly because their beliefs about braces are outdated. Orthodontics is ever-changing and the products now used are a far cry from the prototypes of the early days.

You should know with so much choice available there is sure to be a device that can simultaneously match your needs while fixing your dental issue.

At Winchester Orthodontics, in the expert hands of our orthodontist in Hampshire, you can finally say goodbye to the bane of your existence, your crooked teeth.

What are your needs?

We all possess teeth that have their unique flaws, which means that not all straightening devices will be effective for all patients.

You also need to assess what your needs are and what you want out of your device. Some people prefer removable devices, while others feel an aid that cannot be easily removed is a less risky move. You might have children with complicated teeth issues or you, as an adult, have a few problematic teeth that you wish to straighten out.

All about Invisalign

As adults, we tend to see metal braces as an acceptable rite of passage for teenagers, but refuse the idea of wearing braces ourselves.

That said, the alternative is to live with crooked teeth, overbites and an unsightly crowded mouth that makes us self-conscious.

Invisalign came about because there was a glaring gap in the market for people wanting straight teeth without having to support a metallic smile. People want a device that is discreet but also effective.

Invisalign is a brace-free straightening device that corrects minor dental issues and malocclusions, using multiple sets of aligner trays over a couple of months to a maximum of two years, depending on the nature of your problem.

Invisalign works differently to standard braces because the trays adjust only a couple of teeth at a time, not placing pressure on all your teeth at once. It is for this reason that you have to replace a set of trays every two weeks and that each new set is slightly differently shaped to move your teeth, incrementally, into place.

Damon metal braces

Damon metal braces work by fastening wires to brackets using a slide mechanism and not with elastic bands. At the same time, brackets that are used are not made from metal, but transparent materials that seem practically invisible to the untrained eye.

Both of the above features are favourable for two reasons; 1.Your orthodontist in Hampshire can quickly and easily adjust your wires, which means less time spent in the recliner chair, and 2.You have braces that are sleek and inconspicuous.

With less metal, there is less friction, which means fewer mouth sores and cuts, making your overall experience wearing this device more pleasant.

With several straightening methods now available, braces are not what they were in the past. Book a consultation with our orthodontist in Hampshire if you want straight teeth and a brilliant smile in the future.


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