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Invisalign - information and advice

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The invisalign treatment is designed and manufactured in a way that works similarly to traditional metal braces. Both these treatments are a great option for teeth straightening however invisalign is a discrete process. This is because invisalign are a series of clear set aligners and therefore they are invisible to the eye. This is a perfect option for those who want to straighten their teeth without people noticing and not having an association with braces. We at Winchester Orthodontics use 3D advanced technology to help create the best treatment plan for our patients. The invisalign treatment is dedicated towards improving dental issues such as: crowded teeth, gaps and misaligned teeth. These custom made aligners are perfect for individuals who suffer with metal allergies. Invisalign aligners do not require metal brackets to be secure and are removable when necessary. If this treatment is something that you are considering, do not hesitate to book an appointment in advance with the orthodontist in Hampshire.

How does the invisalign treatment work?

At the initial consultation an individual will be directed to an Invisalign accredited Orthodontist. The orthodontist will ensure that the patient they are dealing with is an eligible candidate for the treatment. If the individual is not suitable for the procedure then the orthodontist will recommend other available options at our orthodontics. The free consultation allows an individual to have an idea of how the final result will come to look. They will also be aware of the predicted duration the treatment will take alongside the financial requirement of the treatment. A patient will then have to book in for another consultation so that the dental professionals can create a plan.

At the second appointment a 3D scan will be taken either through an X-ray or dental impression of the teeth. Photographs will also be taken in advance so that the structure of the individuals teeth is sent to Invisalign. This will help construct and manufacture a 3D digital image of the series of stages the teeth will go through. This scan will include the process from the beginning to the end of the invisalign treatment. This digital image usually takes approximately a few days to be created which will be sent into the ClinCheck video.

The special software gives an individual a map of the proposed treatment plan, this allows for an individual to raise any issues they have beforehand.

Benefits of the invisalign treatment

There are many life benefits when going ahead with the invisalign treatment such as the aesthetic, comfort and clinical advantages.The invisalign treatment does not require you to be restricted to certain food. This comes to the benefit of those who do not want to give up their favourite food for the time being. You are able to eat chewy food which you would not be able to with traditional metal braces. Since invisalign trays are removable an individual can take them off when it is time to consume food. One of the bigger benefits of receiving the invisalign treatment is that the final result will leave an individual with straighter teeth. Not only is this a confidence booster but it also helps in other areas such as improved oral hygiene health.


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