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Improved alignment

If your teeth are poorly aligned, there are many ways to adjust them without causing too much unwanted disruption. Modern appliances like hidden braces and clear braces have a comfortable feel and a discreet appearance. In many cases, these appliances can stay almost undetected throughout the whole duration of your treatment. At the orthodontist in Hampshire, you can find a dental realignment treatment that fits in with your lifestyle. Here at Winchester Orthodontics, we have many years of experience in providing the appropriate treatments for a wide range of dental misalignment problems.

Quality control

We keep up to date with industry developments so that we can offer innovative solutions for your dental worries at the orthodontist in Hampshire. You might be curious about the treatment known as Invisalign, which is sometimes wrongly spelled ‘Invisaline’. This highly comfortable appliance uses transparent plastic to maintain low visibility. The Hampshire orthodontist will measure your teeth in detail, and a dental laboratory will then produce a series of aligners based on your measurements. For 7-10 days, you’ll wear a set of these aligners over your teeth. Then you wear the next set for a similar length of time, and so on until the series is finished. The gradually changing shapes of the aligners gently pressure your teeth into enhanced positions.

Plenty of options

We have more traditional braces that use wires and brackets attached to your dental surfaces. However, being made of tooth-coloured and transparent materials helps these appliances to be more visually harmonious than older, highly visible metal braces. The orthodontist in Hampshire will talk to you about which options are right for your condition. The experienced team here is tactful and understanding. We know that realigning the teeth can transform your dental wellbeing.

You might just want to make a minor adjustment to a few of your most visible teeth. We have appliances designed specifically to address these cosmetic issues. Often, people are surprised by how little time it can take to make their desired adjustments with a Hampshire orthodontist. Once you have a better-looking smile, you might feel better about your appearance overall.


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