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How your orthodontist in Winchester could improve your quality of life

You may be wondering how orthodontics could play such a big role in changing your life. Well, orthodontists can help you straighten or realign your teeth, giving you an even, straight smile that boosts your confidence. At Winchester Orthodontics we can offer you a wide range of solutions for crooked, crowded or gappy teeth.

If you´re concerned about your teeth, our friendly orthodontist in Winchester can have a conversation with you during an initial consultation to discuss your needs and which kind of treatment would best suit you.

What kind of treatments are offered in Winchester?

Depending on your personal needs, the treatment recommended will be different. In Our Winchester orthodontist will take many things into account such as:

  • how long the treatment last;,

  • dental anxiety;

  • cost and budget;

  • how much adjustment is needed.

If your teeth need minor adjustment, there are a few treatments that may be more suitable for you than traditional braces. Invisalign treatment – often misspelt as Invisaline –  is a more modern treatment than traditional metal braces. It involves a series of molded plastic trays that gently move your teeth into a more desirable position. One of the benefits of this treatment is that the trays are clear, making them virtually invisible when in use. This treatment also benefits from being removable, making it easier to clean your teeth and enjoy the foods you love.

Following the theme of hidden braces, traditional braces can now be made with more inconspicuous materials. Damon clear braces are made with clear plastic brackets, instead of the traditional metal brackets with elastic bands. Traditional braces are still the go-to choice for more drastic adjustments with your orthodontist in Winchester.

Having a happy and healthy smile has many benefits

Having straight teeth that meet in the middle has more advantages than you may think. Firstly, having straight teeth makes maintaining a high level of dental hygiene much easier. Having teeth that meet in the middle evens out the pressure on your teeth when you chew, reducing the risk of chipping and breakage.

It´s also no mystery that straighter teeth are more attractive and can give you a huge confidence boost, leading to improved personal and professional interactions.


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