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How the orthodontist in Hampshire is helping adults with straighter teeth

Orthodontics is one of the founding branches of dentistry, developed to improve the function, position and appearance of crowded, crooked and misaligned teeth. In Hampshire, orthodontist treatments are helping adults to straighten their teeth and ensure long-term oral health.

For many, braces have been avoided as a possible method of correcting such issues. This is mainly due to the appearance of traditional braces, consisting of unsightly wires and brackets that are fastened to the front of teeth. However, it may be surprising to hear that at Winchester Orthodontics, our Hampshire orthodontist, Dr Suzette Mulder, can offer more discreet, invisible or completely clear teeth-straightening options.

Clear solutions for cosmetic teeth-straightening issues

Discreet teeth straightening options, such as Invisalign, are available to adults who require realignment of crooked and crowded teeth. Often misspelled as Invisaline, these innovative aligners are more akin to mouth guards than actual braces. Although this may be considered a cosmetic teeth-straightening option, it’s worth noting that straight teeth are easier to clean and therefore less subject to decay.

Invisalign straightens teeth using very thin, transparent, plastic aligner trays. These aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over the teeth and are almost invisible once in place. Worn in a series, each aligner gently moves the teeth into their new position over somewhere between 18–24 months.

In addition to their ease of use, you can remove them for eating and drinking, meaning you’ll never have to compromise on your lifestyle choices. If you’re invited on a first date, a great meal or simply want to clean your teeth, all you need do is remove them. It is important to take care of them, cleaning them thoroughly and following the treatment plan.

More than just one solution

Dr Suzette Mulder is an experienced orthodontist in Hampshire. She is highly qualified and respected in her field, having completed over 4300 orthodontic cases over the past 10 years. She brings a wealth of understanding and treatment knowledge to teeth straightening issues. Suzette can diagnose and suggest a range of teeth straightening options, ensuring you receive the best possible orthodontic solution for you.

Ring our surgery today for a consultation and start your journey to healthy, straighter teeth.


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