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How our orthodontist can help improve quality of life

At Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist Hampshire has undergone further professional training to offer patients quality teeth correcting treatments. We make available modern, highly effective teeth straightening devices that work to address malocclusion and teeth alignment problems.

One of the common goals of correcting both malocclusion and crooked teeth issues is that patients achieve a healthier mouth. Teeth out of their natural alignment pose a great many problems including making it difficult to clean.

When seeking to straighten teeth, whether this be for aesthetic reasons or improving masticatory function, our orthodontist Hampshire will need to assess a patient’s oral condition. A consultation with our orthodontist Hampshire includes an in-depth examination of the mouth (which may include the need for x-ray images to be taken) as well as the presentation of all suitable orthodontic treatment plans available to the patient (some treatment plans may work more in favour of a patient than others).

We take a look at why patients should consider orthodontics if they require it.

Live better with orthodontic help

Those patients who experience bite issues or who suffer from low self-confidence because of the way they look know well how these issues can detract from living a rewarding, fulfilled life.

Consider for a moment the impact of not being able to bite and chew properly has on your nutritional needs or how difficult it is to carry out normal everyday tasks because of the pain of TMJ-related pain? Or, for those with an unattractive smile, how this can ruin one’s chances of advancing in one’s career or of finding a life partner?

It is also worth noting that teeth that are not in their naturally-ordained positions stand a greater chance of being damaged and which will then require more expensive restorative dentistry solutions.

Dental braces are a remarkable innovation that is used to relieve facial pain, improve pronunciation, make brushing and flossing teeth more effective and protect the longevity of teeth health and function. All of these benefits relate directly or indirectly to the quality of life a person lives.

Once a patient has successfully completed their treatment plan and achieved their cosmetic or dental health goals, the next step is to protect what orthodontics was able to achieve. Simply put, this means following all of our aftercare instructions. What this usually means for patients is to ensure they wear their retainers at night, to brush and floss daily AND to make the time to visit us for those all-important dental check-ups regularly. It is these critical visits that will give you peace of mind that your investment in orthodontics is safe and gives you the opportunity to identify any other threats to your dental health.

Patients may well say ‘but I don’t want to wear highly visible wire braces’ need not fear that this is their only option. Invisalign braces or clear braces are designed in such a way as to remain hidden when in the mouth. To discuss a treatment plan involving invisible braces, why not schedule an informative consultation with one of our highly capable dental team members here at Winchester Orthodontics?


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