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How our orthodontist can help

Are you looking for an orthodontist Hampshire? Then look no further than Winchester Orthodontics, leading specialists in this field. Our expert staff will be able to deal with all your requirements and teeth needs in a friendly and approachable manner.

What do orthodontists do?

An orthodontist Hampshire practises in a special area of dentistry that deals specifically with the alignment of teeth and making them straight. A lot of people struggle with the way their teeth look and feel that it knocks their self-confidence. If you are one of those people then contact our local orthodontist Hampshire who will be able to speak to you about what you want to have done to your teeth and will be able to deal with your personal requirements accordingly.

How can you straighten teeth?

There are a number of ways in which you can straighten your teeth. The most conventional way is by using metal braces. However, with new technological advancements there are other ways of aligning teeth such as Invisalign and Gemini.

How do conventional braces work?

Conventional braces use metal brackets and wires that get attached to the surface of the teeth with the intention of straightening them and dealing with any overcrowding. They are available on the NHS and they are usually an orthodontist’s first choice of alignment treatment for teenagers and young adults, as they are very efficient.

It is important to visit our dentist regularly and to keep up with routine appointments. This is so that our orthodontist can keep an eye on how your teeth are doing if you are the one requiring treatment and if it is your child having tooth alignment, they will monitor how their teeth are developing.

At the opportune time our orthodontist will then advise when you or your child are ready to have braces should they be required. At the appointment they will take impressions of the teeth and also perform X-rays to check the jawbone. Once the impressions are taken the orthodontist will then give you your next appointment, at which point the braces will be attached to the surface of the teeth.

How should you take care of your braces?

Our dentist will have spoken to you about your treatment plan and how long you will need to wear braces. It is important, therefore, for you to take care of your braces throughout this period to ensure that they do not get damaged or broken and in order for you to maintain good hygiene. You should always ensure that you brush your teeth twice daily and brush on top of the braces to make sure that no bacteria accumulates around the brace. Also it is important that you use interdental brushes to get in between the brace. Avoid eating hard foods that can cause your brace to break or get damaged. Also try to avoid fizzy drinks, as the high levels of sugars in such drinks can cause the braces to erode.

Every six weeks you will need to make certain you attend routine appointments with our dentist where they will tighten the braces and ensure that they are working correctly to align your teeth.


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