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How does an orthodontist in Hampshire straighten teeth?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Are your teeth crooked and bent at awkward angles? Perhaps you have a protruding overbite that causes you embarrassment, especially when you see yourself smiling in photographs?

Instead of vowing never to smile again, why not invest in your teeth by having them straightened?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specialises in correcting misalignments and malocclusions - poorly positioned teeth and overbites. An orthodontist is a specialist who oversees a variety of orthodontic treatments, generally with braces of different types.

The importance of an orthodontist in Hampshire

While some people might be terribly ashamed by the appearance of their imperfect teeth, others are happy to walk through life with crooked pearly whites, because in their eyes, what is the harm?

In the past, orthodontic work was mostly seen as having aesthetic purposes, used to enhance your appearance, but played no part in maintaining your oral health and hygiene. However, recent evidence has shown that braces do not just improve your smile, but also contribute toward keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Cleaning your teeth and removing harmful bacteria is easier with straighter teeth, because germs cannot hide in the hard-to-reach spaces caused by misaligned teeth.

Which straightening aids are recommended by the orthodontist in Hampshire?

Are you on the fence about getting braces because of how they look? You will be happy to note that the world of orthodontics is changing fast and is no longer chained to an uncomfortable brace system featuring the big metal brackets of yesteryear.

There is more choice of orthodontic devices than ever before that are slick and discreet in design and appearance.

Invisalign or invisible braces, clear or ceramic braces, and lingual braces - these are popular selections of braces for people young and old and from all walks of life.

Invisalign and invisible braces are the same, comprising of multiple plastic aligners that are clear and colourless, giving them a hidden appearance, which is a feature that people love about them. You can wear them all day while performing your daily activities, and people will not know about their presence in your mouth unless you tell them.

Another benefit which makes Invisalign an attractive choice for straightening teeth is their removable nature - take them out when you need to eat, brush your teeth or play impact sports.

Lingual and ceramic braces are fixed orthodontic appliances that might appeal to people who do not have the self-discipline for Invisalign but still want a device that does not draw attention to itself. Brackets made from tooth-coloured materials are stuck to the front of your teeth, with a long piece of archwire weaved between them. Only people close to you will spot that you are wearing braces. On the other hand, lingual braces are placed behind the teeth, out of sight and are custom fabricated to fit your teeth like a glove.

You might have missed your chance as a child, but you are never too old to straighten your teeth. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or facing retirement, you can reclaim your smile and quality of life thanks to an orthodontist in Hampshire.


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