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How can an orthodontist correct my dental condition?

In the first place it is necessary to understand what orthodontics is. Orthodontics is a special area of dentistry concerned with the diagnoses, prevention and the correction of misaligned teeth and jaws. An orthodontist Hampshire can therefore correct crooked teeth that are a result of the way they have grown or due to a misaligned jawbone. In addition gaps between teeth and top teeth that protrude excessively are conditions that can be treated. Overbites, underbites and an overcrowded mouth will benefit from orthodontic treatment. Preventive dentistry is the main aim of any dental professional, but unfortunately conditions are not always dealt with early enough, resulting in these conditions.

What treatments are available?

Over the decades more and more improvements and discoveries have resulted in a number of tools available to our orthodontist Hampshire. Many years ago the only effective treatment available to correct misaligned teeth was the metal brace. They are still used today, but modern science has resulted in a modified, more comfortable and effective version of this brace. There are a number of variations of the brace and the type used is dependent on the condition being treated. In addition to braces a new range of aligners have been created.

How is the type of treatment decided?

In keeping with the technological progress of our society, our orthodontist Hampshire insists on an initial, virtual, free consultation, which allows you to use your mobile phone camera to provide us with the images we need. From this consultation we are able to advise you on what we can do to correct your condition. Based on our assessment we will invite you to attend a follow-up appointment in our surgery. We will take an X-ray and 3D scan and numerous pictures. The results of these will allow us to recommend the treatment that we believe will best correct your particular condition.

Different types of treatment

If we recommend aligners and in particular the Invisalign brand, (sometimes misspelled as Invisaline), we are able to provide you with a view of how your teeth will look after treatment. This particular treatment uses a series of trays each of which has a slightly different orientation, so that your teeth are gradually moved in the direction necessary to correct your condition. These trays resemble gum shields and are made of a clear dental material so are almost invisible. Each tray needs to be worn for two to three weeks and must be kept in for at least twenty hours per day. You are able to remove them for eating, brushing and flossing. The treatment duration is dependent on your condition, but is on average around ten months to a year. There are a variety of braces that may be right for your condition, some made from metal and others from ceramic materials. A ceramic brace is almost the same colour as your teeth and therefore less visible.. There is even a brace called a lingual brace which is worn on the inside of your teeth, so it is also less conspicuous than braces worn on the outside of your teeth.

Our experience will guide you

We have been correcting misaligned teeth and jaws for decades and we are confident that our expertise and knowledge will help you to achieve that confident, radiant smile that will allow you to send your image to your friends and family wherever they may be.


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