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Hidden braces: a world of possibility

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

At Winchester Orthodontics, we have a wide range of braces on offer. If you’ve looked into getting your teeth straightened before and thought, nah, this is not for me, come in and have a chat with our orthodontist in Hampshire, Dr Suzette Mulder. You may be surprised at what she can offer you.

For cosmetic adjustments, that is, braces that straighten up mild-to-moderately misaligned teeth, our orthodontist in Hampshire can offer you discreet braces. This means that, not only will your teeth straighten up over time, but most people won’t even realise you are having any work done.

One example of what’s on offer is Damon Clear. These fast-acting braces use a slide brackets attached to memory wires. This mechanism moves with the teeth as they realign, so the brackets don’t need to be tightened and readjusted.

Damon Clear uses transparent brackets, meaning the device is almost invisible, and exerts less pressure on the teeth than its traditional counterparts.

Another type of clear braces our orthodontist in Hampshire offers is Invisalign (sometimes misspelled as Invisaline). This doesn’t use brackets and wires at all, but pairs of clear, plastic aligners (much like thin mouth guards) that fit snugly over the teeth. Once in place, the aligners are transparent and can’t be seen, except if someone is really close up. The aligners are also removable, so easy to clean and maintain.

There’s also the option of lingual braces from our orthodontist in Hampshire. These are traditional fixed, metal braces but with one difference: they are fitted to the back profile of the teeth and so are hidden from view. Lingual braces can treat a wide range of conditions and as they are custom made for each patient, give our orthodontist in Hampshire a lot of control over how the realignment goes.

Lingual braces are great for anyone who wants a discreet teeth-straightening treatment, but they’re particularly handy for anyone who needs to keep the front of their mouth clear, such as contact sports players and brass and woodwind musicians.

Talk to our orthodontist in Hampshire today about a teeth-straightening treatment: you might be surprised what you discover.

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