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Getting the lowdown on visiting the orthodontist in Hampshire

Before embarking on any course of treatment, ideally you want to know that it is going to be successful. And while, as with any procedure, there can’t be any guarantees, one way to decide whether something is going to work for you, is to talk to those who’ve already done it.

At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire, we recognise how important it is for patients to hear from those who have already gone through the treatment. We find this is especially true for adult orthodontic patients. The idea of wearing braces for up to two years can seem pretty daunting to anyone with a busy social and professional life. And while there are many discreet and quicker options available these days such as hidden and transparent braces, getting a heads up from someone who’s been there and bought the t-shirt can help to set the mind at ease.

Don’t just take our word for it

There are different ways you can feel assured about the results of having treatment with our orthodontist in Hampshire. We have a ‘Before and After’ gallery on our website. This shows the effects of many different kinds of orthodontics, including Invisalign (sometimes misspelt as Invisaline), clear braces, which are particularly popular with our adult patients.

We have a page of written and videos testimonials on the website and you can also check out our 16 five star reviews on Google.

Drop in and say hello

If you would like further reassurance, come and talk to our orthodontist in Hampshire, Dr Suzette Mulder. Suzette offers a free initial consultation so you can talk through any questions or concerns and she can go through the treatment with you step by step: from assessment to treatment to aftercare, and all the costs and time involved.

If you haven’t seen an orthodontist in Hampshire before, or have had a difficult experience in the past, pop into our surgery and say hello, and be welcomed by our warm and friendly team who can set your mind at rest. We will do everything we can to make your treatment journey a smooth, easy and successful one.


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