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Get straighter teeth for a healthier, happier smile

In Hampshire, orthodontist treatments to realign teeth are quicker and less painful than ever before, thanks to the advances in dental technology.

Orthodontics, one of the oldest branches of dentistry, focusing on improving the position, function and appearance of crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth.

Stories of sores developing on gums and teeth, the pain of having one’s teeth forcibly moved into new positions, and the embarrassment of a mouth full of metal, have put many adults off having teeth straightening treatments.

However, our Hampshire orthodontist at Winchester Orthodontics offers comfier, quicker, and more discreet technologies aimed at people who want straighter teeth, but do not need major corrections to their bite.

Although these treatments are seen as being cosmetic in that the main benefit is that people are happier with the way they look, having correctly aligned teeth makes it easier to clean the teeth and so avoid tooth decay.

Almost invisible treatment

With our orthodontist in Hampshire you can explore a range of treatments to correct the position of your teeth. One of the most popular among adults who do not want the whole world to know they are having their teeth straightened is Invisalign. Although they do the job of teeth straightening, they bear no resemblance to the traditional image of braces: large metal brackets and wires that all but obscure the teeth, and years of pain to achieve alignment.

Instead, Invisalign comprises thin, transparent, plastic aligner trays. They are custom-made to fit snugly over the teeth like an almost invisible mouth guard. One by one, the series of trays gently move the teeth into their new positions over a few months. With no brackets or wires, they are much less irritating in the mouth. The trays are removable, making eating and cleaning much easier. So far over 480,000 patients worldwide have been successfully treated with Invisalign.

You can find out more about Invisalign when you book a free consultation with Dr Suzette Mulder. Suzette is on the register of specialists at the British Orthodontic Society and has completed over 4,000 successful orthodontic treatments since she qualified as a dentist in 1997.


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