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Finding your orthodontist in Hampshire

Getting things in line

Here with our orthodontists in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on putting the needs of each of our individual patients at the forefront of everything we do. All too many orthodontic practices up and down the country are increasingly adopting the one-size-fits-all stance to orthodontics, which divides patients and practitioners with clinical, sterilised accuracy. We’ve found that by listening to the needs of our patients, and connecting with them on a personal level, a far more mutually advantageous relationship can flourish. It is this ethos which has helped us gain the respect and reputation within the local community of being an orthodontist in Hampshire that you can truly and wholeheartedly trust to guide you along your dental journey.

Aligned with the times

One of the most popular methods of orthodontics which patients seek from us here with our orthodontist in Hampshire, is the installation of the most advanced alignment system in the world - Invisalign. This is a revolutionary new method of orthodontics which negates the need for conventional tools such as fused brackets and metal wires, by replacing them with a plastic, removable retainer. This retainer uses specifically placed pressure points to gradually push a patient's teeth back into their correct specifications, and is constructed from a specialist plastic known as SmartTrack, which is used for its uniquely malleable, yet durable nature.

Clearly onto something

This revolutionary method was pioneered by Stanford University graduate Zia Chistini in 1997, when, after struggling with the detrimental effects that his own braces had on his outward appearance, he decided to launch the Invisalign system. Since its launch in 2001, the Invisalign system has been used by over 7 million people worldwide, and is vastly popular with teenagers, with 1.4 million teenagers across the globe opting for Invisalign over conventional orthodontics. The main reason for the system’s success within this demographic, is the discreet nature of the system. As each retainer is custom built around the specific contours of each patient's teeth, when worn it becomes practically invisible - which allows patients to discreetly undergo essential dental alignment. Another unique benefit of the system is its removable nature. Where typical methods of dental alignment are fixed in place for the duration of the treatment - which can typically last for twelve months or more - the Invisalign retainer is entirely memovable. This affords patients unique ability to tailor when they undergo treatment around their own schedules, such as when at home or asleep.

Brightening up your day

Another service we offer here at Winchester Orthodontics, is teeth whitening. Certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking red wine, tea or coffee, or taking certain medications, can result in the enamel on a patient's teeth becoming yellow or dull. We understand that having yellow or discoloured teeth can often have a largely detrimental effect on the self-esteem and confidence of many, and as such we provide a service which can bring about a whiter, healthier looking smile on the same day as patients walk into our practice. By utilising a specialist peroxide-based whitening agent, which is directly applied to the front of a patient's teeth, a year's worth of detrimental stains or discolouration can be eradicated in a matter or hours, and the self-esteem and confidence of those who seek treatment can be massively boosted as their ability to smile freely and without care is fully restored.


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