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Find out more about Invisalign

If you want to find a way to get your teeth straightened while maintaining your dignity and professional look, then Invisalign nearly invisible aligners from your orthodontist in Hampshire could be the answer.

It one system we use here at Winchester Orthodontics, your Hampshire orthodontist, that is different from any other teeth straightening device you may have heard of.

Invisalign (sometimes misspelt as Invisaline) features a series of transparent, rigid plastic trays that look like mouth-guards, instead of the bracket and wire braces systems most commonly associated with teeth-straightening.

To create the Invisalign aligners, we take detailed, pinpoint accurate measurements of your teeth and gums, with a hand-held scanner. These measurements give you an instant picture on the screen, showing what your teeth look like now. A computer programme will then show how much they need to move to reach alignment, which means you get to see an accurate image of the final result before you even start treatment.

Your orthodontist in Hampshire sends your measurements over to Invisalign’s laboratory in the United States, where your aligners are 3D printed. Each aligner moves your teeth one step along the way to their correct position using carefully placed pressure points. These gently nudge them along this path to smile perfection.

Each tray needs to be worn for about a week to 10 days for it to do its work. The number of aligners you will need depends on your individual needs. Treatment takes a year, on average.

Invisalign clear aligners are only 0.3mm thick, making them almost unnoticeable on the teeth. They are also removable, making them and your teeth easy to clean. Also, if you really don’t want anyone to see you are wearing aligners, you can take them out; perhaps for a super-special event like an important business meeting, a hot date, a wedding, or a job interview.

If for some reason, Invisalign is not the appropriate system for your particular case, don’t worry. Your orthodontist in Hampshire can also offer other methods of discreet teeth straightening, such as lingual braces, which are fitted to the inside of the teeth, and so are hidden from view.


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