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Excellent reasons to consult an orthodontist

There are many situations that require the interventions of an experienced orthodontist Hampshire. Sometimes a patient’s teeth in adulthood appear crooked – not in their naturally-ordained position in the dental structure. There are varied causes for this occurring, one of which is that adult teeth are not allowed to develop properly due to behaviours in childhood. Problems with teeth alignment usually goes back to childhood which is why dental practitioners encourage parents to have the dental health of their children professionally checked as soon as baby teeth make an appearance.

Our orthodontist Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics has all the related knowledge and experience in helping patients correct teeth alignment. In addition to this we make available proven, modern teeth straightening solutions like invisible braces that address the shortcomings experienced with traditional orthodontic devices and which offer the patient many highly sought after benefits.

For any patient wanting to know what the first step is in wearing clear braces, it is to book a consultation with our orthodontist Hampshire. This consultation appointment is important for the information given to patients about the different orthodontic devices available and why one may be better than another for a particular patient. It is also in this consultation that our dental practitioner will want to assess a patient’s oral condition by carrying out a full mouth examination so that we can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best possible treatment plan.

The rewards of orthodontics

The primary goal of fixing orthodontic problems, whether it is to improve bite or a less-than-perfect smile, is to enhance quality of living. This is best explained with the following rewards of orthodontics.

● Healthier teeth

While most patients associate teeth straightening with attractive smiles, there is a far more weightier reward – healthier teeth. To keep teeth healthy, a patient has to observe the golden rule of at-home oral hygiene practice – daily brushing and flossing. But sometimes these obligatory duties are ineffective, particularly when the toothbrush bristles and floss thread cannot reach the impossible nooks and crannies that are brought about when teeth are crooked or there are gaps in between teeth. Orthodontic devices such as Invisalign braces can be used to great effect to correct these issues. It must be remembered that as long as teeth remain healthy, a patient can enjoy lifelong use of their natural teeth.

● An aligned smile

While worrying about how one’s smile looks may be considered superficial, there are other important reasons to consider getting teeth into natural alignment. One such reason is the influence on confidence. Confidence is a prerequisite in order to obtain success in both the professional and social worlds.

● Alleviate pain

Patients experiencing headaches and jaw pain, will be amazed to hear that orthodontic treatment is often used to eliminate the cause of the pain. For example, teeth that are not in proper alignment can make eating and chewing difficult and a source of pain. By correcting the problem, a patient’s painful symptoms can be reduced.

To get started with orthodontics or want to know more about Invisalign, give our front desk Winchester Orthodontics a call to schedule an appointment.


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