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Emphasising the importance of a visit to our orthodontist in Hampshire

For individuals suffering from misaligned, protruding, or generally crooked teeth they are not comfortable with, a trip to our orthodontist Hampshire could make a world of difference. Not only to the appearance of their teeth, but also the confidence of their smile. With these benefits in mind therefore, why not pay a visit to our orthodontist Hampshire?

How to book an appointment at our specialist orthodontic clinic

At our orthodontic surgery situated within the heart of Hampshire we take great pride in the impeccably high standard of dentistry we offer to every patient we treat. In addition to our modern surgery and our handpicked team of dental healthcare professionals, we also strive to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of our practice.

For patients who are feeling anxious prior to their orthodontic appointment

Despite common misconception seen frequently within the world of dentistry, patients of all ages can experience dental anxiety, and not just children. Dental nerves can prevent many of our patients from taking the first step towards their desired smile, however our dental team boasts a great deal of experience within this particular field and can suggest many ways to alleviate nerves.

Do you wish to straighten the appearance of your smile?

Misaligned teeth can not only cause patients embarrassment (consequently knocking their self-esteem) however they can also hold many dental hygiene implications too. To expand in greater detail, misaligned teeth can make it difficult for patients to clean those hard to reach areas, consequently leading to a build-up of oral bacteria within the mouth. But what are the consequences of this?

Helping you achieve a straighter smile at our Winchester Orthodontics clinic

Patients may initially associate their misaligned teeth with knocked confidence, however uneven teeth can unfortunately welcome other concerns too. Brushing your teeth is considered as the basis of a good standard of oral health across all fields of dentistry, but wonky teeth can unfortunately affect the standard of a patient’s dental hygiene routine.

So what’s the solution?

Patients suffering from a build-up of oral bacteria within the mouth may be at risk of developing oral diseases and infections, such as gum disease. If you wish to avoid this development, straightening the appearance of your smile could be one of the many steps you take towards a cleaner, straighter, and therefore generally happier smile.

What are the orthodontic options at your specialist dental clinic?

Many individuals may think of traditional metal braces initially when ‘conventional braces’ are spoken of, however within the modern field of dentistry there are far more options for a patient to choose from. Despite more conventional metal braces producing extremely effective dental results for many patients (even for those individuals who are suffering from the most extreme misalignment concerns), many of our patients may prefer something far more discreet.

Finding the right appliance to achieve your smile aspirations

Invisalign clear aligners (patients may often mistake them for ‘Invisaline’ when searching for a potential orthodontic treatment) could be argued as the most popular form of ‘subtle orthodontics’ within the modern field of dentistry. If you think that a transparent clear aligner could work for your smile, then why not get in touch with our practice now and speak to our orthodontist Hampshire?


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