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Do you offer multiple types of braces as an orthodontist in Hampshire?

Yes! Within the ever growing and developing field of orthodontics we not only offer traditional metal braces, but we also provide a wide range of more discreet options, including lingual braces, Damon clear braces, and Invisalign.

Why choose Invisalign?

Patients may lean towards Invisalign as their chosen form of treatment with an orthodontist in Hampshire for several reasons, one of which might be due to their invisible, and therefore subtle appearance. Invisalign could be argued to be the largest brand provider of clear aligners, and have proven to be increasingly popular at our dental clinic in Hampshire. Did you know?

Despite their high profile within the field of subtle braces, Invisalign are a type of brace that is commonly misspelt. Many patients may refer to them as ‘Invisaline’ (for example) and therefore not reach the results they are after when researching online for this form of treatment with an orthodontist in Hampshire. How they work

Clear aligners are transparent plastic trays which are unique to each individual’s smile. Invisalign braces are replaced every couple of weeks, slowly encouraging the teeth to move into the desired position, without the need for metal wires and brackets! At our clinic, we use the latest Invisalign technology, our iTero scanner allows patients to know how many trays are required, and the time period to expect the procedure to last, even before the treatment starts. How to start your orthodontic treatment process

If you are a patient who is considering receiving orthodontics at our dental practice in Hampshire, we strive to make the process as simple, and quick as possible. We offer all of our patients a free initial consultation, this can be a perfect opportunity for patients to discuss any potential treatments they wish to receive, and any nerves or concerns they may have. A multitude of options

Located on our website, we offer many forms of contact for our patients to choose from, one of which is an online appointment form. Our online application form can be the perfect method for our patients who are busy with work or social events, and don’t have time to give us a call. Our online form has proven to be extremely popular, patients can fill in a few simple details, along with their reason for desiring an appointment, and even their preferred time. A more direct approach

We understand that in the midst of modern, efficient technologies some patients may still prefer a more direct approach. Also located on our website, we offer our email address, location, and telephone number. A quick email may be perfect for patients who have a simple enquiry, however we suggest a phone call with a member of our team, for more complex dental concerns. Come and see us!

Our dental clinic is open every Monday and Tuesday for standard appointments, however we are also open every alternate Thursday, offering our patients greater flexibility. We never turn away patients who wish for a dental tour prior to treatment (nervous patients may wish to familiarise themselves with the environment), and we are also always available to receive telephone calls.


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