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Do I need a dentist or an orthodontist?

One question we hear regularly is, ‘Should I see a dentist or an orthodontist in Hampshire?’ Well, it all depends on the kind of treatment you need. Our orthodontist at Winchester Orthodontics has a valuable role to play in keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful, with the help of various forms of hidden and clear braces that we have available to our patients.

Often, dentists and orthodontists will work together to offer patients holistic treatment. If your family dentist thinks you need orthodontic work, they may refer you to a specialist orthodontist in Hampshire.

The job of an orthodontist

Dr Suzette Mulder is our resident orthodontist in Hampshire. She specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of teeth and jaw alignment issues.

Every orthodontist is a trained, experienced dentist, who has completed additional specialist qualifications to become an orthodontist. Orthodontists treat their patients in a holistic way, ensuring the most accurate diagnosis and treatment that is best suited to every patient’s unique needs.

Our specialist orthodontist in Hampshire is very efficient at achieving amazing results because she sees many cases each year. Chances are she has seen a handful of cases just like yours and will know exactly how to get the best results for you.

What can Winchester Orthodontics do for me?

We are happy to offer many varying orthodontic treatments, designed to suit the needs of each of our patients perfectly. From fixed metal braces, to removeable clear braces, we can help you get your dream smile.

An increasingly popular choice for our patients is Invisalign. It is a removable clear brace system that will subtly straighten teeth almost invisibly, thanks to the use of modern clear plastic retainers. These retainers will be replaced every two weeks by the next one in the series to create your ideal smile.

It is a common mistake to misspell our most popular treatment ‘Invisaline’ instead of Invisalign. To find out all the facts you need on the success of Invisalign it is best to search online or give us a call today.

So, why wait? With all our available teeth straightening options, your dream smile could be closer than you think with Winchester Orthodontics.


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