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Discover more about Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a form of dentistry designed to correct the position and alignment of your teeth or bite (otherwise known as malocclusion). This is usually done through a brace, aligner or a fixed appliance. It is an effective and long-lasting treatment, although in some cases after the initial treatment is concluded, teeth can try and slowly return to their original position. To prevent this happening, you will be given a removable retention device to wear at night. At Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist in Hampshire is happy to discuss the options to transform your smile or correct your bite.

The benefits of orthodontics

Aesthetics is not the only benefit of receiving orthodontic work. Straightening your teeth will not only transform your smile but it will give you a boost of confidence. Realigning the jaw or teeth will make eating easier.

Having straighter teeth makes it harder for food bits to become trapped in hard-to-reach places. Realigning the jaw can alleviate muscular stress. It can remove pressure off your neck, shoulder and back as well as relieve headaches.

After an initial consultation and assessment of your teeth, our orthodontist in Hampshire will be able to ascertain which orthodontic treatment will benefit you most.

The ‘Ugly Betty’ misconception

So you need orthodontic work carried out but you don’t want to look like Ugly Betty? Well the chances are you won’t need to. Over the years, orthodontics have come up with new designs to make treatments more discreet and more time effective. Let our

orthodontist in Hampshiresurprise you with what options could be available to you.

Options start from clear braces, which are made from clear ceramic with a delicate wire joining them together. These braces are subtle and attractive.

Lingual braces that are attached behind your teeth so no-one will be aware of your treatment, unless you tell them.

Clear aligners from Invisalign, which are virtually invisible to the untrained eye and are removable for eating and any special occasions.

But if you are happy to be bold and beautiful, the ‘retro’ metal braces are still on the list, with brightly coloured elastics if you want to make a feature of them.


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