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Dedicated to straighter teeth

If you are worried about crooked teeth and how they affect your appearance, you may have considered seeing an orthodontist in Hampshire. At Winchester Orthodontics, our experienced team is committed to helping you achieve straighter teeth. This not only enhances your smile, it also contributes to excellent oral health by stabilising your teeth and making them easier to clean. Investing in treatment from a skilled Hampshire orthodontist in our team is a gift to yourself, as you can enjoy an attractive smile and a healthy future.

I am not keen on the idea of braces

Many adults who have missed out on corrective treatment as a child are put off straightening their teeth as an adult due to a misconception that braces are ugly, uncomfortable, hard to get used to and that treatment takes a very long time. New techniques mean that this is no longer true and there is a range of braces to suit every requirement. Patients who use this practice as their orthodontist in Hampshire have benefitted from new braces treatments that are faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before. Damon clear braces have very discreet clear brackets, which work up to six months faster than traditional methods. Invisalign, sometimes spelt incorrectly as Invisaline, uses clear plastic aligner trays that are almost invisible and removeable, and so have very little impact on everyday life. For totally invisible treatment we also offer lingual braces, which are completely obscured behind your teeth.

What to expect

When you visit us as your orthodontist in Hampshire, we will spend time with you to understand your needs and discuss your options with you. Fixed appliances suit some people better, while other people prefer a removeable option. Your choice will also need to take account of the severity of your misalignment and what your lifestyle is. Many people with professional and social engagements prefer a very discreet approach. We will guide you in your decisions but, whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the work will be carried out to the highest standard so you achieve your dream smile as effectively as possible. We offer 0% finance too, so you can start turning your ideas for a new smile into reality.


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