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Children and orthodontics

The earlier you start looking after your children’s teeth, the better. But when is the right time to consider braces? At Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, we start to offer braces from around the age of 12, up to 16. Most of the adult teeth have come through by then and we will be able to see the situation in the mouth and advise on whether your child requires braces.

Many orthodontic treatments for children are available on the NHS and, if you would like to take advantage of this, then your dentist can talk to you about which options are covered.

We all know that looks are important to teenagers who may already be self-conscious even before they have to consider braces. There are ways to make orthodontics a bit trendier with coloured wires that fit around the brackets. They can opt for their favourite colours or perhaps ones that match the colours of a team they support.

Invisalign for teens

As part of our wide range, at Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, we also offer an Invisalign option for teenagers. These are much the same as the adult version in that they are a series of aligners that fit over the top of the teeth, which are changed at regular intervals by the patient at home. This control over the process is a top selling point for many adolescents.

One difference is that each aligner is marked with blue dots that fade over time. When the dots have completely faded then the patient will know that this aligner needs changing for the next in the series. This will help your teenager with the responsibility aspect of Invisalign. Invisalign Teen come with six free aligners to replace any that are lost, free of charge. This can save you quite a bit if your child is prone to losing things.

Another key difference is that there are features of Invisalign Teen that are designed to move the roots of the teeth, which is sometimes a key requirement for realignment.

Finally, there is a spatial allowance within Invisalign Teen aligners to make room for any teeth that are still coming through.

Whether you choose a more traditional approach or one of our other methods, at Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, want to make sure your child is happy and comfortable, so you can be too.


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