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Can an orthodontist correct my crooked teeth or jaw?

It's natural these days to visit your dentist regularly, but that has not always been the case and it's only over the last few decades that awareness of maintaining our teeth has become more important. In fact recently it has been recommended that all children should be referred to an orthodontist before the age of seven. So at last the importance of dental care is being recognised. Our practice, Winchester Orthodontics, believes that we can provide more than just dental care and that the results of our treatments enhance the well-being of all our patients in many different ways. There is no need to suffer the pain of a crooked jaw or the embarrassment of crooked or gaping teeth when help is easily and readily available.

Cavities and gum disease

Apart from repairing misaligned jaws and teeth, orthodontists can help to eliminate bad breath especially when it's caused by bacteria which can rest in the deep pockets that are caused by gum disease. Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a digestive disorder which is caused when your stomach contents flow back up through your esophagus, this is another obscure disease which can be cured by us. Due to the fact that when a patient has misaligned teeth or a crooked jaw they will not be able to chew their food properly. By correcting these disorders the patient will be able to chew their food and swallow correctly allowing the digestive system to operate as designed

How to avoid problems in later life

It is recommended that young children should have at least one orthodontic consultation. To be effective the consultation should be undertaken only once the baby teeth have been lost and replaced. It is unfortunate that many adults suffer from oral difficulties due to the fact that by the time they realise that they have a problem it is too late to avoid corrective treatment. Early visits to your dentist provide the opportunity to identify any possible future problems that could occur.

Teenage to adult smiles

The natural growth that occurs as teenagers transition into adulthood can be used to ensure that teeth are guided to grow straight to avoid problems later. By taking early action we as orthodontists Hampshire can instigate treatment which will usually take the form of aligners and with the latest developments removable aligners can be used. This allows the patient to remove the aligner to facilitate brushing and eating, ensuring that good oral cleanliness is maintained. One of the results of this early intervention is that the patient enjoys a confident smile. By good, early and proper oral servicing the adult teeth will have a solid and healthy jawbone to grow on.

Ongoing collaborative therapy

Due to early planning your dentist will have a comprehensive record of his patients’ oral treatments over the years and by collaborating with an orthodontist Hampshire and other consultants continuity of care is easy to maintain. Multi-disciplinary treatment is an essential part of our proper and effective maintenance.

Technological advances

Now even more than before the use of technology is aiding the advancement of many things and among those is dental treatment and record keeping. It is now easy for a dentist to share records with us and other consultants, making for a quicker and more efficient dental service. The recommendation to start oral care early and to visit your orthodontist Hampshire once the new teeth have erupted through the gums couldn’t be clearer. The long-term benefits of proper planning are clear to see when a comparison is made between an adult who started early and maintained oral examinations and one who responded to a dental problem.

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