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Ask your orthodontist in Hampshire about hidden braces

Many people are looking to straighten their teeth to get a big boost to their self-confidence. It is true that having braces can be a big source of pride and having a great smile can smooth your path through life.

Modern orthodontics offers solutions to many age-old problems with traditional braces. Most importantly for many people, teeth straightening can now be made almost invisible to the naked eye.

Here at the Winchester Orthodontic Practice, we offer a range of solutions for misaligned bites and crooked teeth. Many of these treatments are considered ‘invisible’ and can give you a quick boost to your smile.

Modern alternatives to traditional braces

More modern variations on traditional braces, such as the Damon System, use modern materials to straighten your teeth just as efficiently, if not more efficiently than traditional braces.

Treatment time always varies from person to person, but research has shown that the Damon System adjusts your teeth up to six months faster than traditional braces. A great benefit over traditional braces is that the Damon Clear System is made from clear plastic, making treatment less conspicuous than with traditional metal braces.

Another treatment your orthodontist in Hampshire may recommend is Invisalign. Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of plastic tooth trays that are different in shape from one to the other. This adjusts your teeth gently over time, moving them to your desired position. This treatment benefits from being completely removable, making meal times and cleaning much easier.

This treatment is growing in popularity because of its practicality and because the tooth trays are made from transparent plastic, making them virtually invisible when in use.

Teeth straightening made easier than ever

Your orthodontist in Hampshire can help you explore your options further as there are more treatments that could be a better fit for you.

Every patient is different and we believe in creating a completely personalised treatment plan for each person. We can even create a 3D rendering of what your teeth should look like after completion of your treatment. The aim of the orthodontist is to help you make the most of your beautiful, natural teeth.


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