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Are you living with jaw or dental misalignment? Our orthodontist is waiting for you!

At Winchester Orthodontics, we have helped more than five thousand patients like you to enjoy a healthy mouth and produce a radiant, confident smile. The experience of our friendly well trained team, including our highly experienced resident orthodontist Hampshire, is here to improve your life. We specialise in diagnosing, managing, correcting as well as also preventing misaligned jaws and teeth.

The personal approach

Our chairside manner begins when you make your appointment and continues when you arrive at our surgery. Our team works as one unit focused on making your experience memorable for all the right reasons. As our patient we will treat you as we would like to be treated, if we were the patient. We always conduct a thorough examination of our patients’ oral cavity using the very latest equipment available to ensure that our diagnosis is accurate. Your condition will always be explained to you, comprehensively, by our resident orthodontist Hampshire, and you will be encouraged to ask questions. We believe that knowledge helps to reduce the dental anxiety that you may experience. If you know what your condition is, it's far easier to understand and accept that it needs to be treated. We will recommend treatment and where possible explain alternatives. Again we want you to ask all the questions that you require, to make an informed decision about which treatment you feel is best for you. We will guide you and give you all the time that you need and we will always respect your decision, after all, it's your mouth!

Treatment of your jaw

Depending on how severely your jaw is out of alignment will determine the best treatment to correct your condition. If your condition is severe it may be necessary to perform orthognathic surgery. This will entail fixing plates, screws and wires to your jaw to enable the condition to be corrected. We will normally only recommend this treatment if your condition is severely affecting your everyday activities such as sleeping, eating and speaking.

Dental treatments

The way that technology has affected treatments that our orthodontist Hampshire delivers has been nothing short of amazing. Just as we have all been affected by smartphones and personal computers so has orthodontics benefitted from technological progress. We have 3D scanners that can take up to six thousand images per second as well as digital X-rays. This allows us to create a complete picture of the entire inside of your mouth. There is no longer a need for many treatments to use dental putty. The software that has been developed also allows us to communicate far quicker with the laboratory, speeding up the process. Braces have changed and there are clear or ceramic coloured ones, as well as one that fits onto the inside of your teeth. There is even one that is self- adjusting, requiring fewer trips to the surgery. There are also dental aligners which fit over your teeth, resembling gum shields, which do not use blocks, wires and bands to straighten your teeth. Instead you get a series of aligners, each one is slightly different, which is how they redirect your teeth gradually to give a straight result.

No need to live with a misaligned jaw or teeth

These days you too can have that radiant, confident smile and Winchester Orthodontics is here to help you achieve that result. We will also take pride and satisfaction at seeing you smile happily as you leave our surgery, glad that you came to see us.


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